Thursday, May 22, 2014

Free Learnin' Part 2

Ok, I may be getting carried away with this learn on your own thing.  I think my goals our:

  • Learn as much about computer science as I can
  • Learn Italian
  • Any manner of other random subjects
Three weeks ago I finished my first Coursera course.  Now, I've finished the Python course on codeacademy, the intro Python course on Udacity, enrolled in a data analysis course on Coursera, and finished Code School's M language intro.  My head is spinning.  Fuck it, I was always disappointed that I didn't keep up with computer science after high school.  Why not now?  All the tools are free after all.  Hey look another pretty certificate:

I don't know why my profile on Udacity is under Jeff None.  I may have been drunk when I signed up...

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